Bancroft Exhibition – Bancrofts at the Bay

The Bancroft Exhibition Notes, Edited by Karen Tyler and Huxley Baberowski.

Bancrofts at the Bay 1881- 1904

The Bancrofts were a family of scientists who lived at Deception Bay between 1881 and 1904. The important Discoveries were made by Dr Joseph Bancroft, his son Dr Thomas Bancroft and his daughter Josephine who became Dr Mackerras.


All three were doctors of medicine as well as very interested in other kinds of science.
During the time they lived at the bay they discovered:

  • How to preserve food by drying it
  • The causes of some diseases affecting plants, animals and people
  • How to grow plants specially suited for the Australian climate
  • Many new kinds of plants and insects.

This is the story of three generations of the distinguished Bancroft family who lived and worked at Deception Bay Burpengary and Caboolture between 1881 and 1904. The story profiles Dr Joseph Bancroft, his son Dr Thomas Bancroft and Thomas’ daughter Dr Josephine Mackerras¬† nee Bancroft.

The Bancrofts were a family with a strong scientific tradition during their time at Deception Bay, they made several significant scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.

  • They improved an age old form of food preservation
  • Made Discoveries in plant, livestock and human diseases
  • Made breakthroughs in crop development for Australian conditions
  • Documented many new Australian plants, reptiles, parasites and insects.


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