Bancroft Exhibition – Glossary of Terms

The Bancroft Exhibition Notes, Edited by Karen Tyler and Huxley Baberowski.

Glossary of Terms

  • Toxicology
    The science of poisons, their effect and antidotes (cures).
  • Pharmacology
    The science of drugs, their preparation, use and effects.
  • Parasite
    An animal or plant that lives on, or in, another animal or plant and which uses it as its food source.
  • Embryo
    A young creature that is still inside its egg or not yet born.
  • Elephantiasis
    A disease which makes parts of the body swell up so big they could belong to an elephant.
  • Lithograph
    A print of a picture or writing , that is made by putting something greasy over a drawing on a piece of flat metal and using that to print onto something else, like paper or fabric.
  • Proboscis
    A long nose, like the trunk of an elephant, or the ‘needle’ a mosquito uses to bite with and to suck blood from people and animals.
  • Scrupulous
    Being really careful to do things absolutely correctly.
  • Engorged
    To swell up with blood.
  • Malaria
    A disease that causes fever, sweating and shaking, which is caused by mosquitoes transferring parasites to humans by ‘biting’ them.
  • Fungal
    Caused by a fungus, like a mold or mildew.
  • Inducted
    Something that is brought in or introduced to a new place.
  • Legacy
    A gift of property, money, or other good, that is handed on to somebody when another person dies.
  • Excavation
    Digging a hole or cavity.
  • Depression
    A hollow or sunken place.
  • Desiccation
    To take all the moisture out of something so that it is really dry.
  • Tannery
    A place where animal skins are made into leather.

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