Cecilia Bancroft’s Diaries

Notes transcribed from Mrs. Cecilia Bancroft’s Diaries (Wife of Dr. Thomas Lane Bancroft).

(Their children at this time were Louis Oldfield born February 15th 1902 and Mabel Josephine who was 5 years old at the time of his birth)

cecelia bancroft's diaries

AUGUST 1902.

17th   Went to church at schoolroom. First time in nearly a year. Tom minded Louis as Kate had gone for the day to >>>.

18th   Black clouds all afternoon but only 2 points fell.

19th   Miss (or Mrs) Stirling came. One of the dogs got poisoned with >>> bait.

20th   Went directly after lunch with Josephine to see Pop before >>> to town on 23rd. Also called on Mrs Hayes who was out.

21st   Tom went to see >>> at Mr (or Mrs) Fountains. Josephine is cutting the first of her permanent molars.

23rd   Begun collecting stamps for New Guinea Mission. William >>> big ceratodus from Kilkivan unfortunately it died. Did not like the flavour at all – took 1½ hours to cook.

24th   Louis feverish >>> restless during night.

25th   Miss Stirling brought her little camera and took a couple of photos.

26th   Very windy – began to put pennies in money box for Louis.

27th   Went to town with >>> 11:30 mother met us at Central >>> shopped. I had >>> attended to. Showery. Home in good time. Bad headache all night.

28th   Walked to the school to ask Miss S >>> to change >>> shoes.

29th   Showery in the morning.

September 1902.

1st   27 points of rain fell

2nd   Children weighed – Josephine 3 st. 7lbs, Louis 22lbs.

3rd   Went to call on Mrs Harris. Tom went to the scrub for palms etc.

6th   Expected Miss Stirling all the morning to take photos. Saw by the Courier that Pop >>> Baby was born on the 5th.

7th   Walked to the Howes with Tom to get broody hens for sitting on >>> and pelican eggs. Coming back met >>> who wanted Tom >>> back with him to Caboolture. Tom not home until 10:30.

8th   Still and close atmosphere. Sandflies bad.

11th   Miss Hayes rode over at lunch time for Tom to go and see Mrs Robertson who is in a strange condition and will not speak beyond yes and no. Very hot bush fires all round.

12th   Strong dry wind.

13th   Very think all round with smoke from bush fires. Miss Stirling came directly after lunch – took six photo of Josephine and self. Social in the schoolroom in the evening to say goodbye to Miss S. And present her with a silver watch. Mr Pearson came down for the afternoon.

14th   Unpleasantly strong westerly wind blowing – still very smokey all round.

15th   Strong dry wind still blowing all day.

16th   So Smokey that we cannot even see the Humpybong Peninsular.

17th   Cooler.

18th   Westerly wind blowing very dry hazy atmosphere. Tom went to town by 11:30 to get the rabbits.

19th   Went to see the rabbits after breakfast. Josephine very pleased because they let her stroke them. Rather cooler today.

20th   Let down fish trap door but did not have any. Door does not fit properly. Sent a bundle of clothes to S. Marys Home.

21st   Josephine and Kate went to Church. Tom took impression of J’s teeth to send to Hugh McInnes.

22nd   Tom went to Redcliffe to see Mrs Robertson.

23rd   Showery during the morning. Josephine calls >>> Cripyllum weeping bells and the Lords Prayer a Golden Prayer and Gentle Jesus a Silver Prayer. Finished Josephine’s blue frock.

24th   Walked with Toms to see the new garden near dam. George brought home boring plant from Mr. Fountains.

26th   Young Fountain came at breakfast time to show the men how to work the boring plant. Cool and cloudy raining in the afternoon and night – 31 points.

27th   Hot until the sea breeze came.

28th  Grand storm during afternoon – 60 points. Tom took letters to Lipscombe to post.

29th   Slight storm after lunch.

30th   Jemima gave notice – to go when I am suited – quantities of mushrooms in the paddock.

October 1902.

1st   Tom and Josephine went to town by 11:30. Train late did not reach Central until five to two.

2nd   Louis fidgety cutting teeth.

3rd   Restless through the nigh. Mr Silkcock came to see Tom about analysing some water. Had lunch with us.

4th   Strong wind from the south got up in the middle of the day.

7th   Tom went for the day to work in the new garden. Strong sea breeze.

8th   Went to town by early train straight to >>> came >>> Nellie at 10:19. Shopped – got to >>> shortly after 12. Left a little before 3. Met mother finished shopping and left by 4:50. Home in very good time. Fairly cool day. Louis had been very good in my absence.

9th   Strong sea breeze.

11th   Storm came up between 3 & 4. Heavy rain. Kept coming back through the night and at times blew so violently that the house shook.

12th   Wind in the west – cold.

13th   Very hot until about 4:30 when the wind went round to >>> sea. Tom and Josephine went for water lily roots.

14th   Kate away in town all day. Louis good.

15th   The Beasleys arrived soon after lunch to consult Tom about their infant who is a wee mite. It is like holding a doll to nurse her after Louis. Food does not agree with her. Tom has put her on >>> milk and lime water. While they were talking to Tom I strolled out onto the veranda and to my horror saw their horse laying down between the shafts. Mr. B and Tom got him on his legs and he seemed alright.  Had chocked himself moving away >>> tree to >>> the grass. Very strong wind began to blow between 4 & 5.

16th   Cool and cloudy in the evening And nigh a thunderstorm came up – 29 points fell.

17th   Went to town 11:30 with J. Mother and >>> they met us. After Lunch shopped and engaged new servant at Miss Leheys. Met the Gibsons at >>> at 3 where Florrie had tea with us. The doctor and boys went to sports. Met >>> at 4:50 Home by 7:10 – cool drive in the moonlight.

18th   Fine and cool Tom amputated Charlotte’s thumb just below first knuckle. A great business getting her under chloroform.

19th   Very hot and dry wind blowing. Louis can just about sit up steadily and eat a biscuit himself.

20th   Began my pot plants.

21st   Jemima went directly after lunch. New girl Jennie Merrell >>> came.

23rd   Went to town by 11:30 spent an hour with Mrs Turner. Then went to Mr Rivers Studio for private view – such crowds. >>> looked so pretty. Met Nellie and Father there. N. Came to the train with me. Home in good time.

24th   Very hot trying day. In the middle of the night the wind sprung up from the south.

25th   Cooler. Nice storm during the afternoon.

26th   Quite Cool.

28th   >>> across to AB with J. Left at 11:30. Got to the Beasleys for lunch >>> there also. Mrs Webb and her 3 sisters-in-law also. Came on to rain just as we were leaving for the church. Baby very good during service. A number of parishioners came in afterwards to tea at the Beasleys. Mother returned with us. Pleasantly cool driving. Went into Duggans for vegetables. Dogs killed >> possum.

29th   Mother complained of a >>> in the evening.

30th   Mother not quite well.

31st   Tom said Mother had better stay in bed. She meant to return to town this morning.

November 1902.

1st   Mother left for town by 11:30 Mr. & Mrs Hughes came to >>>.

2nd   The Hughes went back by >>>. Very windy.

3rd   Louis very restless at night.

4th   Just as I was going over to >>> the Beasleys arrive. Baby not too well. Cries a good deal and they get very little rest at night.

7th   Tom away in town. Saw Eva at the station – Mother not well – jaundice and swollen liver.

8th   Miss Stirling came stayed the night.

9th   Very hot. Tom expected Mr. J. >>>.

10th   Slight thunderstorm >>> Mr & Mrs Beasley came in to lunch on his way back to Caboolture.

11th   Grand thunderstorm in the evening. Filled new dam.

12th   Tom sent for to go and see Mr. Edds – broken arm.

13th   Tom away all day working >>> orchids. Very black all afternoon as if we were going to get a good downpoor. Only 6 points fell.

14th   Went to new garden with Tom. Planted out cabbages, paspalum etc. The little dog got a large kangaroo rat in a log coming home. Atmosphere >>> fine dust.

15th   Tom went to Burpengary to get freshwater mullet.

16th   Mr. & Miss Uhlmann came in the fisherman’s boat. Miss U. Wanted a tooth drawn. The Beasleys arrived about 2. Pop and the baby stayed here while Mr. B went to hold service. Josephine driving down with him. Louis still weighs only 22lbs, self 8st 1lb. Very cool day.

17th   Mr O’Connor came by first train.

18th   Cool pleasant day.

20th   Tom and Mr O’C went to B-gary scrub with blacks to catch freshwater perch. Let down fish trap and caught 8 bream.

21st   Mr & Mrs Southerender >>> came in the afternoon.

22nd   Mr O’C left by 11:30 train. Tom intended going into B-gary but >>> once forgot to put lunch in bag and other necessaries.

23rd   Slight t-storm at sunset.

24th   Began to rain heavily at 7:30 and continued doing so until noon -155 points altogether.

25th   Went to Indoorpilly by early train. Found mother only fairly well. Feel anxious for her. Miriam came up from Sandgate. Louis cut his first tooth incisor left hand side lower jaw. Met I. In Queen Street. Had tea with her and Mr Rivers. Home in good time.

27th   Mr. Southerender >>> Came. Strong sea breeze blowing.

28th   Got a letter to say Mother was not so well so went to town by 11:30 and just caught the 1:50 to Ind. Much relieved to find mother better. Had not had the severe pain for 48 hours. Very Hot day. Came in by the 3:45. Saw the Eric O’Connells on platform at Central. Home by 7:15 Very close night.

29th   Very sultry till the sea breeze got up. Cloudy. Harold and Mr Barry >>> Came by on afternoon train. H. Drove over in the sulky with Jess to meet Mr Pearson and >>> Graham who came by 6:20. Very hot at night. Began to rain before midnight. Rained on and off till 8. 80 points.

30th   St Andrews today. 1st Sunday in Advent. All the men went out fishing in the boat then they went for a feed on the oyster rocks. Slight showers during the afternoon and close to sundown it got cooler. Cooler through the night.

December 1902.

1st   Fine and Cool. The men went out fishing >>> Mr Barry caught a nice bream. Cloudy in the afternoon. They all left in the waggonette about 4 to catch the 5:25.

4th   Tom had lunch early >>> to B-gary scrub with the blacks to get more perch for new dam. Brought back 4 >>> About 8 a messenger came from H-bong for Tom to go and see Mrs Robertson. Sent medicine.

5th   Breakfast early. Tom left immediately after to visit Mrs R. Shower. I walked to new garden and dam with Tom in the afternoon. Gathered beans and squash. Had a letter from Dad to say mother not so well.

6th   Went to town by 11.30 Found mother better but the pain keeps returning. Miriam and Amelia there. Rained all the way back in the train but was fine for the drive over. Concert and dance in the schoolroom.

7th   Slight storm clearing the evening.

8th   Sultry.

9th   Mrs & Miss H >>> came, the former wished to consult Tom.

11th   Josephine and self went to town by early train. Found mother much better. Eva, J and I went by 10:20 called to see Aunt Bessie who is very stiff with rheumatism. Went on by bus. Saw Binnie. Bought J. a tricycle. Heavy shower while we were at Finneys >>> Eva went to see Dr. Hawkes. Went back to Ind. For lunch. Very hot. Left again by 3:45 met Miss or Mrs Maxwell on Central chatted with her till train left so the time passed pleasantly. Slight storm on the way home but did not get wet.

12th   Mr Beasley came in early on his way to Caboolture. Louis very fretful and fidgety teething. Tom found the three big rabbits in the paddock. A burrow had fallen in just outside the iron fence thus affording an exit.

15th   Rained through the night – very muggy. Mr Beasley arrived for lunch. Tom in town.

17th   Louis fell out of Josephine’s cot, fortunately did not hurt himself. J and I went >>> Beasley. Pop very bad with cold and cough. Baby looking splendid >> on to Woody Point to call on Mrs Bell and Mrs Hobbs. Coming home it began to rain when we got to Duggons and it simply teemed for the last mile. Cleared up during the evening.

18th   Westerly. Mrs & Miss. H >> came to see Tom.

19th   A man came at 5:30 for Tom to go >> case 2 miles beyond Morayfield. Tom back for lunch. Very Hot. Walked to >>>.

20th   Still exceedingly hot. Towards the end of the day the breeze blew from >> shifting for a time during the night. Mosquitoes bad.

21st   Much cooler in the afternoon. Walked to new garden & dam.

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