Telephones, Post Offices and Fireworks: The 1900’s in Deception Bay

First Post Office

William Wallin bought land in 1905 and established a kiosk near the popular campground reserve just south of this site. Around 1928/9 his son Oliver (also known as Olliver or Ollie) took over the kiosk and re-established the Post Office.

The Wallins bring telephones

In 1930 he installed a telephone link to Burpengary with the line strung up in the trees; Oliver also divined a well a the campsite. Next to their kiosk the Wallins built a hall and picture theatre. The hall was 36ft x 24ft (approx. 11m x 7.32m) and, as a newspaper article reported at the time, it was ‘… floored with the best quality crows ask, which is recognised as the best timber for dance hall floors.’ Over 200 people attended the grand opening of the hall for a ‘Guy Fawkes Ball’, complete with fireworks. The hall was destroyed by fire in 1986.

The wallins built the First Post Office

Wallins continue to innovate

The Wallins had a generator which lit up the kiosk internally and powered as single external light, dim by today’s standards, as a guide for small crafts out on the Bay at night. Campers and most residents used kerosene lamps. The Wallins were up at dawn milking cows, hiring boats, renting campsites on the reserve and their private campground which included their two small red cottages, looking after the cricket ground and servicing the public bathing boxes and toilets. Oliver was also the honorary fauna and fisheries officer. The Wallins were kept busy during World War Two, catering for the soldiers and holiday makers coming to the Bay.

Viola and George Turnbull continued to run the kiosk until it closed on 17 October 2004, almost 100 years after William Wallin began the business.

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